Managed hosting powered by our high performance Cloud, Dedicated Servers and CDN!

We are Ruby on Rails hosting experts, but we can also host your Node.js, PHP, Python and Java apps. Contact us for details!

Managed Cloud Hosting



Server Traffic

CDN Traffic

VPS 400

400 MB

10 GB

100 300 GB

100 GB

VPS 800

800 MB

20 GB

150 450 GB

150 GB

VPS 1600

1,600 MB

40 GB

250 750 GB

250 GB

VPS 3200

3,200 MB

80 GB

500 1500 GB

500 GB

VPS 6400

6,400 MB

160 GB

1000 3000 GB

1000 GB

$25 USD/month

$45 USD/month

$80 USD/month

$145 USD/month

$260 USD/month

FREE! We will help you migrating your Rails applications from other services like Heroku, EngineYard and Amazon AWS. Our team will work with you to minimize downtime and make sure your business operations are not interrupted. Contact us today!

Managed Dedicated Servers

Our base configuration includes
2x240GB Intel DC S3500 SSD drives!

Managed Price: $450/month
Unmanaged Price: $320/month

Our current dedicated servers share the following base configuration:

  • Intel E3-1240V3 @3.4Ghz - 4 cores / 8 threads
  • 32 GB RAM (4 x 8GB DDR3-1600)
  • 2 x 240GB Intel SSD DC S3500 Series, SW RAID-1
  • 3TB server traffic per month
  • Free 1TB CDN traffic per month!
  • Free Parallels Plesk 12 - Web PRO Edition!

The following storage upgrades are available:

  • upgrade to 2 x 1TB SATA 6Gb/s 7.2K RPM HDD - FREE!
  • upgrade to 2 x 480GB Intel DC S3500 SSD series - $100/month
  • upgrade to 2 x 800GB Intel DC S3500 SSD series - $175/month
  • upgrade to 2 x 200GB Intel DC S3700 SSD series - $100/month
  • upgrade to 2 x 400GB Intel DC S3700 SSD series - $200/month
  • upgrade to 2 x 800GB Intel DC S3700 SSD series - $400/month

More services

  • Premium SMTP delivery

    Deliver all your application emails through Dyn's Email Delivery platform at just $0.0007 per email sent! Contact us for details.

  • Enterprise DNS

    Managed DNS Hosting powered by Dyn Inc. is available for all our managed hosting customers. Contact us for details.

  • Content Delivery Network

    We partnered with EdgeCast to offer our customers one of the best performing CDNs in the industry for as low as $0.12 per GB.
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What our clients are saying...

  • Peter (

    You guys have been absolutely fantastic for us. I’m not sure how we could have succeeded as we have without your help, support, and flawless service.

  • Kenzie (via Twitter)

    @speedyrails provides reliable Rails hosting for many of my clients and their support has always been outstanding.

  • Dave (via Twitter)

    Thx @speedyrails for a great first month of streaming and cdn service!