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Speedyrails has been architecting, implementing, and operating modern cloud solutions to host our clients' web applications for over 15 years. We serve as our client's DevOps team, managing the infrastructure so that they can focus on developing their apps and growing their businesses. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we leverage our extensive AWS knowledge to provide exceptional managed services.

We do the heavy lifting, so you don't have to

Many of our customers come to us after running cloud operations internally for some time, only to find out it distracts them from their core competencies. So, why bring Speedyrails onboard when you can build your own team or distribute the tasks among the existing ones?



It's in our namesake, we are naturally speedy. We work hard to stay one step ahead and provide the best and most responsive support.


You can work with an international team of cloud experts for a fraction of the cost of one Full Time Ops person. Working with Speedyrails provides a substantial ROI by saving you both time and money in cloud operational overhead.


Your business suffers if your team is distracted with infrastructure maintenance, support and outages. Working with Speedyrails frees your team to focus on adding new features and growing your business.


Featured Solutions


Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

Includes everything you need to create and maintain a fully optimized and secure website.


Fully Managed Ruby on Rails

Reliable, easy-to-scale managed cloud hosting for your RoR applications.


Cloud Solutions

Tailored managed cloud hosting solutions with the best possible value. All platforms, all programming languages.

Speedyrails Canada local

We're Canadian!

Speedyrails Inc. is a Canadian company, and we’re proud of it! Our head office is located in the historic ByWard Market of downtown Ottawa (our nation’s capital). If you’re in town, feel free to drop us a line—we’d love to have you over for coffee (or tea, if that’s more your style).

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