Fully Managed Cloud Solutions

Powerful and reliable cloud hosting, tailored just for you.

We make it easy to host your web application. Take full control of your hosting with our control panel: Speedyrails Cloud Manager makes it easy to create, configure, and deploy your cloud server in less than one minute.


North American Datacenters

Keep your data close to home. Speedyrails has datacenters in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Plus, we have a datacenter in Miami and we offer private clouds in Los Angeles and Portsmouth, UK.

All of our datacenters are linked together through Cogeco Peer 1's unique, wholly-owned FastFiber Network™.



Intel E5 CPUS

Speedyrails offers Intel E5 CPUs in each of its cloud servers. This allows your application to perform at its best.

Provision Instantly

Our virtual servers can be provisioned in less than one minute with your choice of Linux distribution.

Easy To Scale

Need more resources? No problem. Speedyrails cloud servers can be scaled up and down at any time.

Direct Console Access

No matter what your network settings are, you can always access your server via our online console.

KVM Virtualization

KVM Virtualization offers robust performance and faster server boot times.

Your Choice Of OS

We support the most popular Linux distributions. If you don’t see the distribution you need, please contact us.


Up To 1 GBPS Per Node

Our fast connection speeds ensure your applications load quickly and reliably.

IPV6 Support

Be ready for the future. IPv6 is available in all our datacenters.

Private Networks

Your private VLAN keeps your organization's information secure in our datacenters.


Manage your server firewall from our easy-to-use control panel.

DNS Hosting Included

All Speedyrails customers can host their DNS through our cloud manager application.

Managed Load Balancers

Your first load balancer is provided for free.


Fast SSD Storage

Take advantage of our fast datacenter-grade SSD hard drives.

Full Disk Backups

We offer scheduled or on-demand backups to make sure your data is always protected.

Easy Duplication

Easily convert disk image backups into templates for easy server duplication.

Disk Management

Resize and manage your disk partitions at any time.


Cloudflare DDoS Protection + WAF

Protect your site or application with Cloudflare's DDoS Protection and Web Application Firewall.

Email Hosting

Send and receive email from your custom domain.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates start at only $45 per year, or use our Managed Load Balancers with unlimited free Let’s Encrypt™ certificates.